CBD MOTA Blue Raspberry Soda Bottles for children with mental health issues

CBD MOTA Blue Raspberry

CBD MOTA Blue Raspberry Soda Bottles for children with mental health issues

People nowadays are aware of the legality of CBD for consumption, especially for people who are facing mental health issues. According to research, CBD is safe for children to take by mouth in doses of up to 25mg per day. Children from one year old and up can take CBD, but it must be supervised by parents.

Cheaper Greens offers CBD MOTIV Blue Raspberry Soda Bottles that are suitable for children. It comes with 300 mg of gummy and soda bottle-shaped candies that will surely be loved by all children. Raspberry is a good source of vitamin C and other important nutrients, so CBD and raspberry combined provide good health for your children with mental health issues.

Health benefits of CBD MOTA Blue Raspberry Soda Bottles

CBD is an approved prescription drug that can also be given to children with mental health issues with proper doses. It helps them treat depression and anxiety and lower the symptoms of schizophrenia with little to no side effects.

Raspberry is a good source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals such as vitamin C, B, E, and K. The minerals in raspberries include calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium.

How to order

We at Cheaper Greens are an online cannabis dispensary that offers different kinds of CBD products at low prices. Visit our website and click the FAQ button, and you will find how to order a button. It will guide you on how to order. We assure you that the best nutrients in CBD and other products we offer keep their nutrients and meet the required prescription you need. CBD MOTA blue raspberry soda bottles are not only for children but for adults too.


If your children or you know some children with mental issues, our CBD products will help you overcome worries, anxiety, and depression.

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