How Should a CBD Tincture Be Used?

Bottle of CBD Tincture with drops

How Should a CBD Tincture Be Used?

To be more effective, it is important that we have complete knowledge on how to use CBD tincture. In this article, we will learn the best way to use CBD tincture.

Oral Tincture intake

The preferred method for ingesting CBD tinctures is through the sublingual route.  ‘Under the tongue’ is what sublingual means.  Use the included dropper to apply a few drops of the CBD tincture beneath your tongue at a time. 

If you can, keep the drops in your mouth for a minute without swallowing them for the optimum results.  Nothing terrible happens if you swallow, but if you take the CBD sublingually, it will enter your circulation more quickly.

Some folks might like to add a few drops to their food or drink.  Because it needs to metabolize, it could take a little longer for the effects to become apparent, but over time, you can find the ideal dosage for you by ingesting CBD into your digestive system.

The CBD is transported through your body by the endocannabinoid system (ECS) when the drops dissolve under your tongue and are absorbed into tiny capillaries in your mouth. Indeed, the ECS, a network of nerves in your body, is in charge of transporting CBD throughout your body.

It should take between 15 and 45 minutes from the time the drops are administered until you start to feel the advantages.  It could take less time or more time depending on your size, weight, and metabolic rate.  You should always start with a lesser serving size, assess how you feel, and then gradually increase it. You can always add more, but you can never take less away.  If a brand offers a chart with the recommended dosage, that is beneficial.

Most importantly, before using CBD, make sure to talk to your doctor to make sure it’s appropriate for you.  It’s also critical to understand that while CBD tinctures could be effective for some people, they might not be for you.  We are all different, and everyone of our bodies responds differently, so this is not a “one size fits all” strategy. And if you believe that CBD is not helping you, it is crucial to try with CBD in higher dosages, or with using it more frequently, or with both.

Because of how and where gummies and softgels are absorbed into the bloodstream, they do not show results as quickly as a CBD tincture does. However, they are still effective forms of CBD.


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