How is CBD Oil Taken?

Image of a person holding a bottle of CBD oil, demonstrating how CBD oil is taken for potential wellness benefits.

How is CBD oil taken?

Although there are numerous ways to consume CBD oil, it all relies on the oil’s potency. Put five drops of our 30ml CBD Oils under your tongue and hold them there for 30 to 60 seconds three times a day. This is a fantastic place to start. However, you can use your drops freely by adding them to a smoothie, juice, or even your morning coffee. 

5 Home CBD Oil Ingestion Methods

  • Within a smoothie

Some CBD oil mixes could taste bitter and unpleasant. Since not everyone enjoys it, many prefer to cover up the flavor with other, tastier ingredients. For a tranquil start to the day, you can also take CBD by mixing half a teaspoon of CBD oil into your morning smoothie. Visit the 5 Best Self-Care Smoothies With Hemp for some smoothie inspiration.

  • The coffee

If only there was a way to get the energizing effects of coffee without the jitters. Oh, there it is! According to the expanding number of CBD coffee companies, adding CBD to coffee beans removes the anxiety that caffeine consumption can cause. This lessens the intensity of the “up” that coffee gives you and slightly smooths it out. You may even use dairy-free milk that has CBD infused into it to easily control your dosage while continuing to consume your chosen coffee blend.

  • A salad dressing

I believe we are now conversing in the same language. A small amount of CBD oil can be easily used into your regular culinary practice to provide a variety of health advantages. For a delicious and healthful salad dressing, start with three to four tablespoons of olive oil, two teaspoons of CBD, and the juice of fragrant lemon, salt, and pepper.

  •  In a topical cream or lotion

CBD is frequently combined with aromatic beeswax or coconut oil to create balms and rubs that are easy to apply to the skin and leave you smelling wonderful. When administered topically, CBD can reach local targets like sore muscles or joints. Additionally, we’ve heard that it’s wonderful for period pain.

  • In a mixed drink

Look for a CBD cocktail if you’re in the mood for something special. According to rumors, San Diego residents can order The Mr. Nice Guy, a mixed beverage with vodka and mezcal that also contains CBD. More evidence, if any was required, that CBD can be consumed together with any other food or drink and that you’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the near future.

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