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Sativa’s are famous for their uplifting and euphoric effects. Also known to enhance creativity and productivity. Sativa’s deliver more of a head high than a body high. This is also a reason why people usually prefer smoking it during the day.



Ice Wreck



Moby Dick

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About Sativa plants and leaves, they are taller and slimmer than the Indica strains. They usually require longer to grow and yield fewer flowers than Indicas.
< You should know that we have a consistent rotation of strains, so don’t worry if you can’t find your favourite after an initial taste. We make sure you will always find the best Sativas available on our website.
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The quality is something crucial for CheaperGreens, and we are serious about it. That is why all our Sativa weeds are checked for quality, and we make sure they were properly grown, dried and cured. Our clients can taste and experience the quality, because we make sure it is the best! For a better appreciation of our strains’ quality, we also grade them all from AA to AAAA, it means from the smoothest but tasty to the top-shelf quality with significant effect and rich flavour.