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Tinctures are a perfect springboard into medicinal and recreational use. You can ingest them in many different ways not only orally, or sublingually, but also incorporating them into meals and drinks, such as dressings for example.
Tinctures are alcohol-based cannabis extracts also known as golden or green dragon. They were originally the main form of cannabis medicine in the U.S. before its prohibition.

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With edibles, it can take more than two hours to start feeling the effects. We recommend you be patient and not try additional doses until you are familiar with how the edibles work with your body. Start with low doses such as 10-20mg and wait to see how it affects you to determine your tolerance level. Our products come in different strengths of THC, this way you can easily choose the potency that is the best for you. CBD edibles in Canada
​ For those that don’t want the psychoactive effect of THC our products also come in CBD version. This way, you won’t feel high or stoned; you will only experience the health benefits linked to using cannabis. CBD is known for its anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving properties.