Mix & Match Weed

Cheaper Greens Mix & Match Weed Offer

We’re delighted to announce our Mix and Match Flowers promo; a part of our continuous effort to provide the best prices to our valuable customers. Try it now and sample multiple, premium-quality flowers from BMWO.

How does it work?

Browse all of our Cannabis Flowers products and add your favorites to the cart. From a single oz, the discount will automatically get applied, after that, the more you add to your cart, the less it’ll cost at checkout. Here’s how much you can save on weed orders:

  • 10% OFF 1 OUNCE
  • 20% OFF 2 OR MORE OUNCE!
  • 35% OFF 3 OR MORE OUNCE!
  • 45% OFF 8 OR MORE OUNCE!
  • 10% OFF 2 OR MORE 1/4 LBS
  • 15% OFF 3 OR MORE 1/4 LBS

How does the discount apply?

Discount Automatically Applies Once Items are Added To Cart. You will be able to see the discounted price on cart & checkout page

Any Exceptions?

Yes! The offer is only available for weed flowers that are not on sale, including Budget Oz. The mix and match discount price will not apply on other product categories such as concentrates and hash.

Save up to 45% on Weed Ounces


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