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Vape Pens & Catridges
Vape Pens are a safe and discreet way of consuming cannabis. Our oils are made with 2nd passed winterized vape oil with 100% real terpene profiles.

Buy Distillate Vape Pen Online all over Canada
Our local farmers are pretty picky when it comes to your experience too, so, we want to ensure that we pass that quality experience on to you. As your trusted and reliable source, you can be sure that we put the same careful consideration of quality into our vape pens & cartridges, and that you enjoy this experience at the best prices possible.
Weed Vape Pens: a safe and discreet way to consume Marijuana
Our vape pens are easy to use, convenient and discreet. CheaperGreens is a one-stop solution, the best solution for all your cannabis needs. Many of our vape pens and cartridges are in-house made, all are Top-Quality, and are compatible with most batteries. We want to make sure your experience is easy and that we deliver you the finest quality for the best price anywhere. For high quality vape pens & cartridges, CheaperGreens is here to help.