10 Easily Fixed Stoner Problems

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10 Easily Fixed Stoner Problems

The first thing to realize is that even small issues, at times, can seem monumental. Although we have many ways of “making-due,” we all know what that is like. When something is that big a priority, we always seem to figure out a solution or a way around it.

What are 10 big stoner problems and what are the solutions?

These problems are all pretty common. The solutions are either pretty obvious or surprising.

1. Drug Testing

Every employer is required to keep their workplace safe, and they should make the decisions that ensure that safety. Personal responsibility and clear communication are always Important. Just because you may still have THC in your system, doesn’t mean you are impaired.

2. Getting Too High

One too many hits? Forget any plans for the day. The signs of too much THC are frequently nausea, dizziness, and paranoia (which keeps us from venturing out). Take a deep breath, drink water. Maybe ingest some CBD, that can counteract the effects of THC. Try the DaVinci IQ2, an app that helps identify your tolerance.

3. Forgetting You Already Smoked

Short-term memory is always a challenge, especially if you’re high. There you are holding a bowl not knowing if you have already puffed. Don’t ask those around you (how would they know?). Well, if you have to ask, you probably did.

4. Stash Running Low

You can either simply get more weed or conserve the weed you have. A surprising solution is found in Mangos. They contain the terpene called myrcene (also found in cannabis). Myrcene can get more from the THC, thus helping you extend the life of your stash.

5. Your Stash is Stanky

Covering up the smell of your marijuana can be achieved in a few different ways. You could use several Ziploc bags. The tried-and-true mason jar is probably your best way to store your stash.

6. Cotton Mouth

Cannabis is dehydrating. “When your mouth gets dry, you know you’re high.” Kind of a downer, but there is a simple remedy… drink water! Dehydration can cause headaches, faintness, and other symptoms. Water is always a good idea.

7. Red Eyes

Cannabis is a remedy for glaucoma. Red eyes are not a bad thing, other than in certain circles. THC decreases blood pressure, causing a dilation of the blood vessels, this encourages blood flow through the eyes. You could depend on eye drops but that is ultimately not a good solution. It is best to realize that you have the ability to control how and when you use cannabis, and who is around when you do it.

8. Broken Glass Paraphernalia

Breaking glass is always alarming, no matter what causes it. Plus, having plenty of weed with nothing to consume it with is frustrating. So, here’s a chance to upgrade to better equipment. Turn a frustrating event into an opportunity to improve your device.

9. Everything Smells Like Weed

Remember, not everyone likes the smell of weed. You can get an air freshener. There are sprays available that are specifically designed to address weed smell in the air and fabric. Then there is the “Cannabis Killer Candle,” or the “dry herb vaporizer.”

10. No Smoking Gear

Your problem is that you have no way of smoking your primo bud. Your solution may be a bit crafty, either a homemade bong or some kind of fruit pipe.

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