Cannabis Inhaled versus cannabis capsules: What’s the difference?

cannabis capsules

Cannabis used Inhaled versus cannabis capsules: what's the difference?

You probably already know that it might be challenging to get a precise dose of inhaled or vaped cannabis if you use it to treat certain symptoms or diseases or as part of your self-care routine. By encapsulating a highly accurate amount of cannabinoids in a compact and portable form, capsules circumvent that issue.

However, there are significant distinctions between cannabis that is smoked and cannabis that is taken orally in pill form. Here’s what you need to know about onset and duration, precisely.

Inhale vs Cannabis capsules

Cannabis cannabinoids like THC and CBD are almost immediately absorbed by our lungs when we smoke or vape it. The cannabinoids in cannabis pills, however, take significantly longer to take action because our systems process them through the liver instead. It typically lasts much longer as well. They are an excellent option for people who want consistent, long-term relief from symptoms like chronic pain, anxiety, or digestive problems because of this important characteristic.

Exactly how long?

The typical onset time for cannabis capsules, or the period before the drug starts to take effect, is about 90 minutes. What is the duration of it? It usually lasts between five and twelve hours. While this does not guarantee that you will experience THC’s full psychoactive effects the entire time, it does tend to linger in our bodies for around twice as long as cannabis that is smoked.

Also be aware that these times are averages that might vary depending on your age, cannabis experience, recent diet, and any other medications you may be on. For instance, taking a cannabis pill at the same time as fatty food or drink will shorten the medicine’s onset and lengthen its duration. Because of this, we usually advise waiting at least 3 hours between doses.

Additionally, compared to cannabis ingested, the effects of cannabis pills typically seem to be a little stronger. You should be aware of this and make plans appropriately, particularly if you are sensitive to THC.

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