What is Cannatonic Kief?

Cannatonic Kief, a cannabis wild flower

What is a cannatonic kief?

Cannatonic kief is a rare and unusual hemp flower strain known for its high CBD content and negligible to zero THC content. The skilled Resin Seeds team out of Spain first cultivated this strain with the goal of developing a top-notch therapeutic strain with a minimum amount of psychoactive effects. To develop Cannatonic, the seed breeders and cultivators specifically choose to cross a female MK Ultra plant with a male G13 Haze plant. MK Ultra was chosen for its soothing, cerebral high, and G13 Haze was picked for its potently numbing effects on the body. Both were sought out for their possible therapeutic qualities.

Don’t be deceived by this hybrid strain’s pitiful THC concentration of 2% or less! The extraordinarily high CBD levels of Cannatonic, which typically range from 6% to 18%, are its key ingredient. Cannatonic kief is one of the most potent medical strains because of its greater CBD content and is frequently used to treat a variety of physical and physiological ailments, including pain, inflammation, hunger, anxiety, and depression. The majority of this sweet hybrid’s contemporary cuts and phenotypes have maintained its original morphological traits.

Cannatonic kief has tall, hairy cone-shaped buds because of its sativa heritage. For an indica-dominant hybrid strain, the aroma is surprisingly pleasant and citrus-like, with earthy undertones that are further emphasized by faint lemon-like overtones.

What ingredients make kief? 

The resinous crystals that can be discovered on the trichome head are simply gathered together as kief. Pure kief typically has a light blonde or tan tint and resembles a scattering of shimmering crystals or powder. When kief crystals are combined with other plant matter, the result is “kief” that has a greenish tint. This won’t be as effective as it would be in its purest state. When burned, it could also have an “off” flavor and be harsher. 

Cannatonic kief is also frequently referred to as “dry sift” or “pollen,” which is an interesting fact because the word “kief” is derived from the Arabic word for “pleasure.” 

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