Dosages of Magic Mushrooms Come in Different Types

Dosages Of Magic Mushrooms

Dosages of Magic Mushrooms Come in Different Types

In Canada, magic mushrooms are currently gaining popularity. Psilocybe cubensis, or mushrooms, exist in a wide range of colors, sizes, and types and have a variety of psychological effects. How much magic mushroom you should ingest to get the desired effects is among the most crucial things to understand.

The various dosages and their effects are listed below.

Micro dose

Micro Dosing means taking very little mushroom, typically between a tenth and a twentieth of a typical recreational dose. Hence, a microdose of dried magic mushrooms would be 0.1-0.25g if a usual dosage is 1–2.5g. When you consume a tiny amount of magic mushrooms, nothing happens to your mind. You won’t undergo any changes in perception, such as visual hallucinations, as a result.

Following a microdose, you might feel:

  • Sharper focus
  • Greater creativity
  • Mood improvement
  • Lower anxiety
  • Increased degree of energy

A microdose often has little to no effect on your regular activities, such as your employment and social interactions.

Low Dosage

Indicates a small number of mushrooms. When you first begin to explore the enchanted world and don’t want too much, you take this amount. You will feel some mild psychedelic effects at this dosage. The effects can vary from person to person, but often, they are limited to a slight body buzz and exhilaration. If you want to learn more about magic mushrooms, this is a wonderful place to start.

Following a low dose, you can encounter:

  • Augmentation of colors
  • Minimal Body High
  • Happiness or Unease
  • A giddy sensation

A typical low dosage of dried magic mushrooms ranges from 0.25 grams to 1 gram.

Medium Dose

A moderate intake of magic mushrooms will result in stronger psychedelic effects.

Among the psychedelic effects you might have are:

  • Visual alterations such as motion or swirling patterns on your room’s walls. They might have a vibrant, colorful appearance.
  • Synesthesia, commonly referred to as a “crossing of the senses” (ex: hearing colors) visual hallucinations, such as the perception of objects that are not actually present or visual distortions.
  • Sometimes music sounds more intriguing or meaningful than usual.
  • Euphoria and Laughing
  • Significant Body High
  • Introspection
  • Fear, uncertainty, paranoia, or anxiety
  • Time Travel
  • Depending on the potency, you should typically consume 1 to 3 grams of mushrooms for a moderate dosage.

High Dosage

If you consume a lot of magic mushrooms, you might have strong effects, such as dramatic changes to your memory, mood, perception, and thinking.

A mild dose may cause the following effects, which you may experience to a greater extent:

  • Visual and auditory experiences are both included in hallucinations.
  • Visions that resemble awake dreams.
  • Profound insights
  • A sense of being cut off from your body
  • An impression of “divine presence”
  • The potential for “ego death,” or the loss of one’s sense of self

Depending on your body weight and level of tolerance, you’ll need a different quantity of magic mushrooms for the high dosage. No more than three to four grams should be consumed.

What is the duration of a magic mushroom?

Your journey should take two to eight hours on average. Depending on the dose, the strain, and the size of your body.

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