How Cannabidiol Lowers Blood Pressure

Cannabidiol Lowers Blood Pressure

How Cannabidiol Lowers Blood Pressure

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Cannabidiol Lowers Blood Pressure (CBD). However a thorough explanation of the precise mechanics has been sought out. Researchers now appear to have proven that CBD and blood pressure management are related.

Particulars of the Research

The Croatian study team investigated how the sympatho-chromaffin system (catestatin peptides) contributes to the lowering of blood pressure caused by CBD. An inhibitor of the sympathetic nervous system is catestatin.

The HYPER-H21-4 experiment was the first investigation the researchers did to determine the effectiveness of CBD in decreasing blood pressure. They noticed that untreated patients had greater catestatin peptide levels, which sparked further investigation to discover the connection. So, the current study is a byproduct of the HYPER-H21-4 trial.

  • For the first two and a half weeks, 225-300 mg per day, divided into three equal doses (based on weight and sex).
  • During the following two and a half weeks, take 375-450 mg daily, divided into three equal doses (based on weight and sex).
  • After a two-week washout period, the individuals received a CBD-Matched placebo for an additional five weeks.

The second arm’s participants underwent the following regime:

  • CBD-equivalent placebo pills for the initial five weeks.
  • Patients in the first arm had received the identical five-week CBD therapy regimen.

During data analysis, the researchers discovered a significant positive association between the decrease in catestatin peptide levels following CBD delivery and the decrease in blood pressure. This verified the role of catestatin peptides in CBD’s blood pressure-lowering effects.

The degree of the blood pressure reduction following CBD delivery was found to be inversely related to the baseline catestanin levels, according to the researchers. The researchers came to the conclusion as a result that baseline catestatin levels may aid in predicting how well CBD may work as a therapy for high blood pressure.

The relationship between catestatin levels and the hemodynamic effects of CBD is being investigated for the first time, according to the researchers, in this study. To provide a fuller picture of how CBD impacts hypertension, they advised further research using more representative samples that will include patients with various kinds of hypertension.

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