Is Marijuana Aging? Here Are Some Storage, Benefits, and Longevity Tips

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Is Marijuana Aging? Here Are Some Storage, Benefits, and Longevity Tips

Every cannabis user has experienced the excitement that comes from finding some misplaced flower lurking on a shelf or in a drawer. Will the unidentified stash, however, produce the same effects as your fresh gram from the dispensary? Continue reading to find out how marijuana ages and to learn the answer to the question “Does weed get old?” 

Does Cannabis Improve with Age?

You might be doubting everything you believed you knew about cannabis now that aging weed is gaining more attention in the cannabis community. What appeal does maturing a bud have if we’ve always been informed that it loses potency as it ages? 

Aged marijuana has a propensity to contain substantially higher levels of cannabinol (CBN). This results from the THC gradually degrading and changing into CBN. This implies that aged marijuana may have less THC but increased CBN potency. According to study, CBN may be able to assist glaucoma, chronic muscle pain, and has sedative and sleepy effects.

The Advantages of Marijuana

The greatest marijuana strains can benefit from aging in two key ways: by altering the flavor and fragrance profile and upping the CBN content. As the terpene profile of the plant changes, so may its flavors and fragrances. It can occasionally produce more tasty puffs, but it can also occasionally lower the quality of the bud. 

Cannabis occasionally acquires a more palatable taste and aroma if only a select few terpenes, or those that have a particular flavor, become prominent over time. Improve the flavor or aroma of your preferred cannabis strain by adding citrus. Aside from improving the smoking experience, aging cannabis might make your flower more CBN-rich.

Is Marijuana Aging? The Persistence of Weed Potency

Trying to figure out if that cannabis in the old Mason jar would still get you high? Or do you want to make sure you’re not violating marijuana protocol by bringing it to the upcoming smoke session? Then, let’s respond to the query: How long does it take for marijuana to become stale? 

Cannabis often keeps its peak strength for six months to a year. According to research, after a year, marijuana typically loses 16% of its THC content. Expect at least 25% of the THC to be lost after two years, and at least half will likely be lost after four years.

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