Top 5 Therapy Uses for Consuming Psychedelic Mushrooms


Top 5 Therapy Uses for Consuming Psychedelic Mushrooms

It’s time to consume the magical mushrooms now that you’ve chosen the perfect sources for them, decided how much psilocybin you want to consume, checked to make sure they haven’t gone bad, cleaned them, and—most importantly—decided that you are prepared for this experience. 

1. Raw Mushrooms Consumption

The oldest and most straightforward method of consuming mushrooms is by eating them. Some people contend that by taking the mushrooms in this form, they are already accepting the fungi exactly as they are in their natural state, which helps them connect with the medication better. 

This could be more difficult to achieve depending on the type of mushroom and personal taste preferences. Some mushrooms have a very disagreeable flavor. It’s crucial when eating mushrooms to thoroughly chew each bite in order to release all the juices and to aid in better digestion. This will prevent you from simply choking them down. 

2. Including Mushrooms in Your Meals 

There are many more options available if you’d like not to eat your mushrooms raw, so you can start your trip with gustatory enjoyment. The simplest method is to just mix the mushrooms with the dish of your choosing. The mushrooms should be broken up by being ground into a fine powder (either with a coffee or cannabis grinder).

By equally dispersing the psilocybin and increasing the surface area of the mushrooms through grinding, more of the compound can be absorbed by the digestive system more quickly. In order to prevent the powder from floating into the air when you open the grinder, it is also recommended to grind your mushrooms 15 to 30 minutes before you intend to consume them.

3. Mushroom Tea Making

Physically consuming the mushroom might not be right for you for a variety of reasons, and that’s entirely fine. You’re in luck because there are many different methods to consume mushrooms.

One of the better methods is well recognized, and for good reason—steeping them in tea. The harsh “mushroom flavor” of mushroom frequently reduces when made into a tea, giving you a more palatable taste. 

4. Lemon Tekking: Not Recommended for Novices

You can use the “Lemon Tek” technique by mixing your mushrooms with lemon juice. But why is the mushroom and citrus combination so intriguing? Many users contend that lemon tekking is a natural approach to both concentrate and speed up the beginning of the consciousness-expanding effects of psilocybin as well as relieve nausea. 

5. Using Vegetable or Mushrooms Capsules for Dosing 

Capsules might be a decent choice if the prospect of any mushroom flavors hitting your tongue really freaks you out. They are also far more discreet than entire or crushed mushroom bags, making it more simpler and less suspect to carry around a few capsules. 

If you intend to take a microdose, capsules are an excellent option as they can assist in dividing the mushroom into smaller, more manageable dosages. You can buy empty gelatin or plant-based capsules to start making psilocybin pills, depending on your preference. 


As the use of mushroom grows in popularity, there are an increasing number of ways to “consume yo shrooms,” giving users a wide range of options for how to start their mushroom adventures. 

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