An Easy Guide on How to Make a Shroom Tea

How to Make Shroom Tea

If you have eaten magic mushrooms before, you know that they can literally taste like dirt. It’s hardly described as delicious. While some people don’t mind that earthy unique flavor, others are repelled by it.

Due to this, crafty psychonauts have found many ways to consume magic mushrooms that can mitigate their earthy taste. Among the simplest and most popular methods is to brew a magic mushroom tea.

Why Makes Shroom Tea

  • Freeing the psilocybin molecules from the mushroom and drinking them in a liquid will make them pass through the gastrointestinal tract quicker, speeding up the onset of the trip.
  • Drinking a psilocybin brew without the mushrooms helps avoid stomach discomfort that can happen after eating mushrooms due to the chitin in their flesh.
  • Adding ginger/citrus-based juices to the tea can further help calm the stomach/expedite the trip onset and make it stronger and more stable
  • Adding different flavors to the brew
  • Carrying a magic mushroom tea outdoors is much less inconspicuous than carrying a zip lock bag with a bunch of mushrooms. It’s also very convenient to split among friends as the psilocybin is diluted homogenously in the liquid.

How To Make Shroom Tea

Making shrooms into a tea is the most common ways it’s consumed. It’s easier on your stomach and taste buds. It can also make the effects of psilocybin mushrooms come on quicker, because they’re easier to digest in tea form. Here’s a simple shroom tea recipe:

  • Grind your preferred dose of shrooms into a powder using either a weed grinder or coffee grinder. (don’ t hae a grinder, shred them into tiny pieces, the tinier the better to allow the most surface area for psilocybin to be extracted)
  • Boil a cup of water and let it cool for a minute; boiling-temperature water may degrade the psilocybin
  • Place your shrooms in a cup, tea bag or in a tea strainer and pour the hot water.
  • Let steep for 10 to 15 minutes, strain and have a good trip!

Most of the psilocybin from the mushrooms will be infused into the water, but if you want to maximize your trip, you can either repeat the steeping process and have another cup of tea or simply eat the solid remainder, which will not have such a strong flavor like before the brewing.

How To Enhance Your Shroom Tea

  • Adding a bag of your favorite herbal tea and/or honey.
    • Why? This will further improve the taste and make it exactly how you want it. If you run out of ideas, an interesting type of tea to try is licorice spice. This blend of spices combined with the mushroom brew has been described as a ‘magical’ synergy of flavors.
  • Adding citrus juice, ideally squeezed lemon.
    • Why? Citric acid helps convert psilocybin into psilocin—the actual psychoactive compound in mushrooms. This process, called dephosphorylation, is what our bodies do once psilocybin enters the stomach and the bloodstream. Starting this process already in the brew makes the trip come on even sooner and, according to many users, stabilizes and enhances it.
  • Adding ginger.
    • Why? Ginger additionally helps calm down the stomach and reduces the possibility of nausea. Some users also reported that it makes for a more energetic and joyful trip.

Asides from adding chopped-up ginger, honey and/or an actual tea bag to add flavor, feel free to strain out any floating shroom pieces if nausea is a concern. And if you’re not much of a tea drinker, you can also toss some ground-up shrooms into a blender with frozen fruit, apple juice (or another kind of fruit juice) and yogurt for a wicked shroom smoothie!

The possibilities is endless when customizing your magic mushroom tea experience. Any flavors, herbs, and spices you like can be added to achieve your preferred taste. Have a fun safe trip!

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